“A masterpiece”

“I love the dance between history, art and technology – simply brilliant.”

“A testament of your cross-pollination ability.”

“Curator, true Renaissance man and all-round amazing guy”

“Count me as your supporter, ambassador and client, as you walk thru in wonderment this most enriching path.”

“4 minutes in. It’s astonishing. Will continue watching later”

“An integral feast about the future of money and the future of humanity. Humbled by the awareness that we do not need digitalisation to design and be inspired – we have been inspired throughout the history of mankind. In Awe”

“There are a LOT of conferences/workshops/jam sessions/forums etc out there, but none of them hit at the head and the heart with such force and balance. The only people who are luckier than the people who get to attend it are the people who get to work together with you to pull it together. It takes a unique individual who can balance a very strong vision for what they want to achieve with the ability to be open to true collaboration.”

“Peter’s vision for this unique alchemy of ideas was brought to life by the stunning visual and spatial experience. Bespoke, beautiful cinematic visuals spanned the 80-foot wide wraparound LED screen and created a totally immersive experience. It was – quite simply – awesome.”

“My favourite part of the whole thing was watching from above, as people went into the ‘egg’ for the first time. I think the drone of the music, pulsating, may have been the most important factor in creating that sense of atmosphere. It was so different from the rest of that place. I might have even put a dome over the top, so they really felt like they were in a womb!”

“He’s working in the dark, letting other people shine. And above all makes us think about where we come from and where we might be going. And that is of value too little appreciated, let alone honoured.”

“Peter is exceptionally well read and networked when it comes to emerging technologies and innovation trends.”

“If you understand networks, you will understand the future. Peter understands networks and he understands the future. Helping organizations better handle ambiguity and increase their decision-making are what I experience him the best at. He is one of my primary sources for contextual intelligence in the #api landscape.”

“Your sincerity and passion is infectious!”

“Your presentation changed my life”